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Our approach

Dillon Powers proud client of Dr. Kory Kindle for years now. Expresses his emotion on the field.

Dillon Powers

Orange County SC

Gyasi Zardes, with a testimonial for Dr. Kory Kindle.

Gyasi Zardes

Austin FC

Trusted by professional athletes

What sets Next Wave apart from simply giving exercises and encouragement to patients is our ability to listen, understand the mental aspect of our patient's injuries, then blend physical and mental aspects of performance together.

Whether you’re starting from scratch, dealing with a nagging injury that wasn’t resolved at a standard physical therapy practice, or pursuing a goal that went unmet with a personal trainer or other medical professional, Next Wave will help you reach your full potential.

I founded Next Wave after a career in professional sports, where I suffered in large part because of the lack of medical assistance I received from my professional club. Next Wave is the realization of my dream to bring that same level of care—which simply doesn’t exist in a classic physical therapy setting—to everyone. Whether you’re just trying to stay healthy or training for the competition of a lifetime, you’ll receive the same quality of care professional athletes get during every session.

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