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Denver Physical Therapy — Next Wave Performance Consultants delivers a unique approach!

Next Wave Performance Consultants is a professional physical therapy and performance operation located in the Denver Tech Center.

The owner and founder, Kory Kindle is a licensed Doctor of physical therapy and former Colorado Rapids Player in 2013 and 2014. Kory has the innate ability to treat patients ranging from an acute orthopedic injury, chronic pain, or current orthopedic surgeries (post-surgical rehabilitation) - all to reduce symptoms and return patients to their previous life goals. The location of Next Wave Performance Consultants is located inside Solid Fitness - a boutique style gym with great energy, easy access, and a health conscious attitude that makes it an easy environment to guide recovery.

denver physical therapy orthopedic manual physical therapy to improve your life. Please contact us to schedule your first appointment.

Former Professional Soccer Player for the Colorado Rapids and current Doctor of Physical Therapy located in Denver, CO.

physical therapists at Next Wave, select physical therapy, and atlas physical physical therapy utilize massage therapy to improve injuries such as neck pain and knee pain. These injuries are typical in Colorado due to the adventurous outdoor life that people use.

Former Colorado Rapids Soccer Player Kory Kindle retires from professional soccer to pursue his Doctoral degree in Physical Therapy.

Cash Based Physical Therapy. What does this mean?

At Next Wave Performance Consultants, we do not accept insurance. What does this mean? How can I get physical therapy rehabilitation on my knee without being referred from my doctor? The Colorado Board of Physical Therapy practice act allows a licensed Doctor of physical therapy to treat clients without required access from their primary care provider. Also, insurance has many ways of dictating certain treatments that physical therapists must abide by in order to get reimbursed at a high price, hence dictating the rehabilitation treatment. This tends to oppress patients plan of care from the first visit which limits their ability to achieve elite performance and recovery from injury.

Kory Kindle, a local from Ventura, California and denver physical therapists , Next Wave Performance Consultants performs standing unilateral static lunge to improve health and wellness of his knee.

Services solely provided a highly trainer Doctor of Physical Therapy.

When a patient is in pain, that client may need a specific treatment for their rehabilitation process. Here at Next Wave Performance Consultants, we provide manual therapy to decrease pain and reduce symptoms. Also, we utilize neuromuscular activation - a technique that physical therapists utilize as a form to re-activate certain musculature that the body has not utilized well with past movement patterns. Thirdly, strength training could be utilized in a physical therapy session to increase conditioning of certain muscles. Lastly, myofascial release could be used to reduce pain and increase body mechanics. Whether its manual therapy, strength training, neuromuscular re-activation, or myofascial release - Next Wave Performance Consultants utilizes these types of treatment and they can all be used in the patients rehabilitation process to improve wellness and recovery.

Orthopedic manual physical therapy to reduce pain and improve wellness. Next Wave Performance Consultants denver physical therapy utilizes uses manual therapy like over physical therapy clinics to restore prior level of function.

Trying to find a rehabilitation center for your pain?

Solid Fitness, is located at 6595 S. Dayton St #1600 Greenwood Village, CO 801111. Whether it be motor vehicle accident injuries, sports injuries, or a chronic back injury — Next Wave Performance Consultants will improve movement and to restore function and improve your life. Please contact us below to get started and reach your full potential.

Kory Kindle, licensed physical therapist, looks to guide patient back to elite performance of shoulder pain, knee pain, and neck pain.. Similar treatments are performed at other competing physical therapy clinics like atlas physical therapy.

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