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What our clients are saying

Gyasi Zardes, current USMNT player, Austin FC player writes a testimonial for Kory Kindle founder of Next Wave Performance Consultants

Gyasi Zardes

Professional Soccer Player | Austin FC, USMNT

“I have seen first hand how dedicated and ambitious Kory is when it comes to working with athletes. He has always set high goals and followed his gut instinct when it comes to making important decisions. Authentic, motivated, trustworthy, and determined are just a few characteristics that describe Kory. Kory knows what it takes to become a professional athlete because he once was one. Additionally, Kory has more than enough knowledge to help athletes and weekend warriors recover from serious injuries. Just know, when it comes to working with Kory Kindle, you're in great hands.”


Myofascial Release

Myofascial release targets the inflammation that accompanies an injury. A form of massage, it helps deter pain signals being sent to the brain and shifts the body's attention in the same way we might naturally shake our hand after slamming it in a door. Myofascial release serves to lessen pain temporarily and break the pain cycle, shifting you into recovery mode. 

Strength Training

Throughout our life, we become accustomed to positions of comfort. But relying on these comfortable positions alone can cause issues over time such as muscular imbalances which place excess strain on joints . Strength training can help lessen pain and build strength in areas where weakness is causing muscular inefficiencies.

Neuromuscular activation 

Positions we hold for long periods of time that are activated repeatedly can decrease or delay the connection from the brain to the spinal cord. These delays disrupt the body's motor functions, causing pain, the potential for injury, and a decrease in physical performance. Neuromuscular activation helps re-establish the brain-to-muscle connection, allowing your muscular and nervous systems to fire on all cylinders.

Manual Therapy

Manual therapy encompasses both massage and joint mobilization, inhibiting pain at the critical place of injury and placing a new stimulus elsewhere for the body to focus on. We employ joint mobilization when patients are in a great deal of pain, as well as to assess how a body is healing from injury.

Youth Training

During my time playing top-tier youth sports, performance training did not exist. The only advice we got was “rest, ice, and stretch,” advice I believe led to countless injuries. Today we have an incredible amount of youth performance training research available. I let this research guide my youth training modalities, helping young athletes refine their sleep and diet, training their strength and agility, practice functional lifts, and deploying a host of other techniques to help young athletes reach their full potential without injury. 

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